You bet. Once an appointment is scheduled, Ears To You will come directly to your home. Our mobile hearing clinic is fully outfitted with all of the necessary diagnostic and audiological equipment needed to test hearing, prescribe and program hearing aids. We also provide consultation on the care and maintenance practices for hearing aids.

We aim to see you at a time that works best for you—on your schedule, at your home. Our full service model and to-your-door method of delivery ensures that care is catered and customized to your needs. Wait time for an appointment can often be less than 24 hours.

Yes! We have a fully operational integrated wheelchair lift in our van. We can cater to any mobility need.

Yes, it is important to us that we practice safe cleaning methods in order to maintain the safety of our clients as well as ourselves. Between each visit, our hearing clinic and all surfaces are disinfected adhering to Health Canada protocols and procedures. Your health and safety is our number one concern.

Common Concerns

Through careful investigation and consultation with your hearing practitioner, you’ll find that there’s a product to fit every budget and need. Investing in better hearing is something we take very seriously. We’ll help you to make an educated decision.

Although no pill or surgery is available to alleviate tinnitus, it has been proven that the built-in tinnitus masking capabilities integrated in almost every type of hearing aid can minimize tinnitus symptoms to the point that they become much less bothersome and often unnoticed.

No. Hearing aids nowadays are the most discreet and invisible they have ever been. With many options, one can choose the aesthetics that they prefer when it comes to the type of instrument they invest in.

Through normal wear and tear of daily use, one can expect to get approximately five years of life from their set of hearing aids.

All hearing aids come with a loss warranty that covers lost or stolen devices and a repair warranty that will cover any needed repairs on the device within the lifespan.

Today's Technology

Our hearing healthcare practitioners are educated in hearing aid programming. We excel at fitting your hearing aids to necessary audiological requirements as well as comfort and tolerance levels. We aim for a seamless adaptation to amplification.

Digital technology as well as user available adjustment features allow for all hearing aid users to take control of unnecessary noise. Focus on the sounds you want to hear, and create a customized hearing experience for every listening situation.

Yes. In the past few years, hearing aids have incorporated digital compression and noise reduction technology. They are able to filter out unwanted noises, giving you only the clearest speech signal in the most challenging of listening environments.

Technology is moving more and more towards rechargeable options due to several factors: a rechargeable hearing aid is better for the environment (due to less waste caused by throw away batteries); a rechargeable hearing aid is more durable because they are fully enclosed and so, impervious to negative weather and moisture; and lastly, rechargeable hearing aids are easier to use. Dexterity problems can arise when someone needs to constantly change batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids eliminate that issue entirely for quicker adoption and consistent use of the technology.

Yes. Hearing aids are fully Bluetooth and wireless connection compatible. From delivery of a cell phone signal to television, all dialogue and music can be sent directly to the hearing instrument—making for a far more audible experience.

Our Promise

Approximately one hour. A full evaluation includes filling out intake and case history forms, hearing tests and explanation of results. From there, if a hearing aid is needed, a recommendation is made and a fitting appointment can be scheduled.

Once a hearing loss is identified and an order is placed, hearing aids usually arrive in 5-7 days. They are then fitted and programmed to your individual needs.

We take pride in the relationship built from our aftercare process. Once a hearing aid is fitted, a two-week follow up is scheduled for necessary adjustments or questions that may arise regarding use, care and maintenance. Yearly checkups are scheduled to ensure that everything is working well. All services are complementary with the purchase of your hearing aid. If your hearing loss has changed over time, we can reprogram your devices in order to maximize the benefit they provide.

Our Customer Care Professional will follow up with every booking to confirm time and date and to walk through your expectations.