The best hearing test services come to you

A hearing test doesn’t take long, but it could change everything

Proper hearing care means no more missing out on meaningful conversations, important life events — or even a spot of gossip. Our mobile hearing aid clinic will come to your door for a quick hearing test at a time that suits you. Get advice from registered audiologists and rediscover the sounds you’ve been missing.

Specialist hearing tests to understand your unique case

Our hearing specialists use a range of straightforward tests to find out

  • What’s causing hearing loss
  • Which sounds you have the most difficulty hearing
  • If a hearing aid can help you rediscover your hearing and reconnect with loved ones.

Pure tone audiometry

An audiologist will measure your hearing sensitivity by playing a track over earphones and asking you to react. This simple but effective process is the gold standard test for hearing loss, identifying the softest sounds you can hear.

Auditory brainstem response (ABR)

An ABR test uses electrodes to show how well your inner ear and brain pathways are working. All you need to do is sleep or rest — health care professionals will take care of everything else.

Acoustic reflex test

This useful hearing screening helps your audiologist define what type of hearing loss you’re experiencing. A small probe is used to check how your ear reacts to loud sounds. It’s painless and only takes a few minutes.


Stabbing pains and fluid could be a sign of an ear infection or perforation in the middle ear. Tympanometry is a straightforward procedure designed to check middle ear health — as part of a routine hearing test.

Speech audiometry

Speech testing can be helpful for evaluating how well you distinguish sounds. This shows the audiologist if you have difficulty recognizing words and engaging in regular conversations.

Bone conduction test

Using a gentle vibration, an audiologist can tell how well your inner and outer ear are working. Typically, you only need this test if you suspect wax or fluid is causing a blockage.

Your guide to better hearing

Hearing loss isn’t so isolating when you have specialist support. But why pay for it? With Ears to You, hearing assessments, fitting appointments, and checkups are free.

Hearing loss

Most people miss the first signs of hearing loss. But when the volume on the TV won’t go any louder, it’s time to look into hearing solutions. Get a personalized recommendation based on your individual hearing health (and our 25 years of experience in audiology services).

Hearing tests

Choose from small, sleek hearing aid solutions that isolate speech from background noise. Stay alert to what’s happening around you without getting distracted by noisy restaurants or crowded streets. More importantly, stay stylish too.

No purchase necessary, just professional hearing services at your home

“Not only was Jeff professional and respectful, he listened to my concerns and helped me make sound decisions. There was no pressure to purchase… Jeff presented the options geared to my hearing issues. The aids I chose were approximately half the cost of other clinics and I had the luxury of curbside service.”
Ears To You customer

Where you’ll find us

See you at home

Get a visit from Canada’s top mobile hearing clinic for a free, fast hearing test.


It’s easy to book your hearing test online with our contact form. On the day of your appointment, our mobile hearing clinic will come to your home. The Ears To You van is fully outfitted with all the equipment we need to test your hearing and make a referral based on your individual needs (think: Ectomobile, but better).
No, your initial hearing test is free. After the test, we’ll make a recommendation for further care based on your individual case, but hearing aid fittings, adjustments, and annual follow-ups are always free.
A hearing test takes about an hour. That includes filling out all the necessary paperwork, carrying out a painless ear examination, assessing your hearing, and discussing your hearing test results with you. If a hearing aid is needed, you’ll be able to schedule a fitting appointment right away.
There’s no online hearing test with Ears To You — but that doesn’t mean traveling to a far-off audiology department with horrendous wait times. When you book an appointment with Ears To You, we’ll come to you in our mobile hearing clinic. It’s your call, just fit us in around your schedule.